Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cuti Episod 2

I managed to spend Raya Haji with my family this year.. My mom prepared lots of super delicious foods... I LOVE her roti canai n curry the most.. She makes the best roti canai and curry in this whole world!! Even my friend Tomas from Czech Republic said the same thing when he came to visit last month..hehe..
Rendang Ayam
Kari Daging

Roti Canai

Ready, set, eat!!

With my sister, cousin n niece


I went back to Sarikei for a long holiday (28th November-11th December) n it happened that Pesta Nanas (which I prefer for it to be called Pesta Sarikei) was held for a week; Dec 1st to 7th.I helped my uncle to sell Fruit Juice for three days. I'd be back next year for the same Pesta.
I just LOVE Sarikei sooooooo much!!!