Monday, May 16, 2011

I have fallen in love with this song.It made me cry last night.I dedicate this song to someone I am in love with..I really want to tell you how much I love you.But I just couldn't do it.There's soooo much I want you to know..but I don't how,where n when to start..I just write it here..hoping you'd find this blog and read it.I love you so much!!

Bukannya Aku Takut

Ku tak peduli,
bila ku benar-benar cinta, mati,
ku tak peduli.
Ku memang begini,
bila ku benar-benar cinta, mati.
Ku tak peduli,
apa saja yang, ku inginkan kamu rela.

Bukannya aku takut akan kehilangan diri mu,
tapi aku takut,
kehilangan cinta mu.
Mungkin saja saat ini kau mempermainkan aku,
seakan kau bisa,
membalas, cinta ku.

Kau takkan mengerti,
yang s’lama ini aku rasakan, pasti.
Kau tak peduli,
bilang saja yang, ku inginkan kamu rela.

I hope I love you all my life..The one I build my home with,spend my life with and die with..Aminnn..


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