Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Love..everybody loves somebody..What if there's someone out there who loves threebody?Hahaha..Hey..it happens ok..Not that I experience it..But I see it..'Y' loves 3 'X'..Couldn't decide who is to choose..*maybe have decided..but stil want more*..Ermm..Don't be too greedy..Might lose all though..It'll leave you none..nada..zero..nil..

The power of love-Strong but stupid sometimes..hik..Don't blame love for making you blind.Love is not blind.It's you who chose to be blinded.You see things that are obviously shown..but you chose to deny..You chose to strive,struggle,try hard *whtever you call it*..believing that the particular person will turn to you.Hmmm..poor you..living in denial..I hope you won't spend too much.You'd end up suffering *physically..and what worse-emotionally*..'what do you care?'-the question may rise..hik..Ok..I won't care anymore..*I have warned you like million times*..You never wanted to listen..*though you said you did*..Like I said..you've decided..So,be it..

Physical attraction-Hmmm...who doesn't fall it..I love seeing someone who is phsically interesting..*yummy as I define it*..hik.Nevertheless,looks can be deceiving ok..It's where n when to use 'Don't judge a book it's cover'..*though sometimes there's really good book with good cover*..Ok,back to the matter:PHYSICAL ATTRACTION:How do you deal with it?Ermm..I am not saying it's wrong to fall for physical..But,please..please...not 100%.There's no such thing as 'love at first sight' in this real world.Don't tell me you decided to marry that someone the moment you saw that person,at ONLY first look?That is sooo damn full of shit kinda thing..haha..*oh ya..TV3 is showing this shit 7pm every Monday-Thursday*hahaha..Have mercy on yourself..puhleaseeeee!!

Err...Why am I writing this?Bored?Frustrated?Mad?Tired?

Til we meet again:


Blogger Bukan Sepet said...

manyak jiwang la lu.. haha!

tapi life goes on. Be strong sis!

12:05 AM  
Blogger ZoOL pOjIe said...

hahahaha.....u wan me ngereco here oso meh???hahaha

7:10 AM  
Blogger highheelseliparjepun said...

Bukan Sepet..haha..mana ada jiwang..ni membebel namanye..haha..

Jui..kmk baruk baca tok..sila ngereco..kmk suka aih..hahahaha..

1:07 AM  

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